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February 8, 2022
Bar Sofia Interior fantastical artwork

Classic elegance meets fresh Latin energy and fantastical art at Bar Sofia.

Designed by Halifax’s Breakhouse, Bar Sofia’s space features the imaginative artwork of Rafael Silveira, an award-winning Brazilian artist who specializes in pop art and surrealism. Mixing a classical atmosphere with contemporary techniques and cartoon imagery, Silveira’s work represents a universe where dreams are blended with waking life. These strange, time-warped compositions add a deliciously retro and psychedelic twist to the Bar Sofia experience.

Come spring, Bar Sofia’s patio will showcase a colourful feature wall inspired by Peru’s “Rainbow Mountain” while offering a vibrant setting in which to sip and snack the day away.

“You’ve stepped into the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires and have just walked into a crumbling 19th century mansion which is now an artist’s studio.  The colonial panelled walls are covered in surrealist-like murals and the ceilings hung with lights and plants. The place is jumping and fresh but also feels like it’s of another era. The roaring 20s again? Everything feels wobbly. Decorated hallways snake off to unseen rooms. People gather in every corner … wait, there are no corners!”

Peter Wünsch, Breakhouse

Explore some of the featured artwork by Rafael Silveria below and book your table to see for yourself.

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